Day 2 – Like Perls in a Pod: document everything (and test the documentation)

A veces hablo de Perl 6… Un lenguaje muy interesante, hasta desde el punto de vista de la documentación. Echadle un vistazo.

Raku Advent Calendar

Christmas season was approaching, and Santa was in a gloomy mood. His inbox was full with letters from boys and girls coming from all over.


Were they letter to Santa? Was the kid properly identified by signature, so that you sent the gifts to the proper person and not someone else who might not deserve them? Were them addressed to Santa, and not any of those impostors, the Easter Bunny, or, even worse, the Three So-Called-I-don’t-know-why-Wise-Men from Orient? Worst of all, did he personally have to check all that stuff all by his royal and hallowed self?


Perl 6 came to the rescue with the following grammar:

unit grammarSanta-Letter;

tokenTOP { <dear> v+ <paragraph> [v+ <paragraph>]*v+ <signature>v*}
token paragraph { <superword>[ h+ <superword

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